Last Post For The School Year

GOODYEHey Bloggers! It’s my last post for the school year and I wanted to say thanks for reading and commenting on my blog and helping making blogging funner. (and I heard funner was added to the dictionary.) I will miss you guys over the summer and I hope yours is great. This year was probably the best school year yet because of our trip to Muskoka Woods, all the stupidly funny moments where we laughed our heads off, and our teacher. He asked us a few questions and I am going to share my answer with you.

One of the questions was, “What is your favorite part of 2015/2016 or your most memorable moment?” It didn’t take long for me to think because this was recent. Emma didn’t want her pepperette so she put it in the middle of the table for anyone who wanted it and  I got it holly tried to grab it out of my hand and so I whacked her hand away and the banana she was holding flew out of her hand and  onto the floor. We laughed our heads off an I still kinda laugh about it when I play it over in my head

Well There’s my last post for the year. Once again goodbye and thank you. What was your favourite part or moment of 2015/2016? Make sure to answer that question in the comments! Byee!

Image source: George Hodan 

Week #9 Doing My Best: Student Blogging Challenge

Hi Bloggers! It’s the second last week in the student blogging challenge. This week we have the choice to write a post on what makes a great family, a global issue you would like to help solve, my future, or visiting overseas. I have chosen to write about a global issue I would like to solve and I will include how and why I could help.

There are many global issues I would like to help solve and one of them is homelessness. There is so many homeless people in the world while some us get to watch T.V. after school. There are organizations all around the world trying to help the homeless. The problem is that the organizations need people to donate and people just don’t care about other peoples problems, but what they don’t know is how they feel and we should help them if we get the chance. Anyone could help even a little bit by donating money. I believe that everyone should get the chance to a normal life. I would help because I know that if I was a homeless person I would want help.

Remember to have sympathy for all. Homelessness is not the only problem is the world and we should all help solve them.

Week #8 Game Time: Student Blogging Challenge

Hey Bloggers!! This weeks game has us visiting blogs in different countries. I commented on three blogs and in the paragraphs below I will tell why I chose that post and what I wrote. Also I’ll include a link to each of their blogs so you can visit and check out the posts too.

The first person I commented on was Isabelle. I commented on a post called The Awesome Cirque Du Soleil. It was about a french show she got tickets for in Christmas. She included some good details. I commented, “I found your post about the Cirque Du Soleil really interesting and amazing when you talked about them doing flips everywhere. Also I agree with you when you said “Avatar is an AWESOME movie” and it is actually one of my favorites. It must have been really cool to see that in person. Well anyway I enjoyed your post. You could check out my blog too if you wanted.” and I left the URL to my blog in case she wanted to check it out.

The second person I commented on was Sienna. She had a super cool post on box jelly fish. It included a few facts and more sea animals she liked. I commented on that post because I wanted her to know that she tought me something. I wrote, “I liked your post on box jelly fish. I learned some pretty cool facts from it like jelly fish have no bones and how a sting from it could take out a person. I wouldn’t want to get anywhere near that! I also like dolphins a bit. Have you ever seen see one in real life? Well make sure to answer that question and maybe check out my blog if you wanted.” and I left the URL to my blog again.

The third and final person I commented on was Owen. He had a post on New York City. He wrote a few things he did there and said that he wanted to go back. I chose to comment on that post because I have also been to New York City and I wrote about that in Week #3. Here’s what I wrote to him, “Hi Owen. I have also been to NYC and I definitely understand why you would want to go back. How was Cony Island? On my visit we only stayed for two days so we didn’t get to do everything. I also have a post on my visit to NYC and you could check it out if you’d like.” and once again I left the URL to my blog.

Well those were the three people I commented on. You should definitely try this activity even if your not in the Student Blogging Challenge because it’s a great way to make online friends. Here’s the URLs to  each of their blogs in case you wanted to check them out. They are also in my overseas blogroll on the side bar.

Week #7 Activity #7: Student Blogging Challenge

For my third activity of week seven I chose activity seven. I surveyed the grade sevens in my class for what kind of games they play. Video games are any type of online game (ex. Halo). Board games are any games like Clue. Sports would be a team game like soccer or football. Card games would obviously be a game where you use cards, like War or Uno. And finally active games would be anything like tag or manhunt (sorry I couldn’t think of a better name to call the category). I created a graph to display the data.


Week #7 Activity #6: Student Blogging challenge

Hey Bloggers!! I’m doing another one the activities for week 7! This time I chose activity 6: If the electricity grid went out in your country how would your life style change? Here’s my answer.

     If the electricity grid went out in my country, my life style wouldn’t change to much. Of course I wouldn’t be able to text my friends so it would be hard to make plans for hanging out and I wouldn’t be able to use YouTube for tutorials, but I think I would be alright without electricity. I could relax by sleeping or climbing a tree although I find relaxing kinda boring. I think a lot of the kids would actually go outside and maybe to the park for once. Living would be much more work than usual, so my lazy family wouldn’t enjoy that. My life style would change a bit because I do have a device that I use for school and watch movies with, so I would need to think more about how to have fun. There would be much more chaos but I’m just kinda focusing on the entertainment part.

Well I’m sure there’s more ways because I’m a very random person so it wouldn’t take much time to think about it. Don’t forget, comment down below other ways you can think of to entertain yourself. Byee!

Week #7 Activity #3: Student Blogging challenge

Hello bloggers!! Week 7 in the student blogging challenge is here and this week is about games and how we like to relax or have fun. I chose activity 3: If your family was stranded on a deserted island, how would you entertain yourselves? How would you relax?

If my family was stranded on a deserted island then we would explore. We would explore the entire island (or at least I would because the rest of my family is lazy when there is no work) and we would jump off cliffs into the water. While swimming I would see the reefs if there is some and I would scare all the fish away.  Me and Nick would play tag and try to be like Tarzan. Making a shelter would be like making a fort in the living room with blankets and chairs, except we would use bamboo and leaves. I would try to make a swing using vines or a rope to swing and drop into the water like on the movie “Grown Ups 2” except I wouldn’t fail. Or at least I would try not to. Of course we would need food so we would have races to see who can collect the most fruits and fish. Although it might hurt our feet we could use a coconut for a soccer ball and make nets using bamboo for a game of soccer. I would definitely make sand angels. I would relax by sitting by the water and maybe watching the sunset or skipping stones. I don’t really know what else we’d do, but I bet we’d figure it out.

Well that’s all I know what we would do right now, but I’m positive we would think of more if we were in a situation like that. Please comment on my posts and share ideas you have.



Week #5 Activity #4: Student Blogging Challenge

Pathway in Donard Forest , Newcastle

Hey bloggers!! Week 5 in the student blogging challenge, I chose activity 4: Find a picture and write the beginning of a story based on it. In the comments you guys can write the ending. Here it goes!

At the pet store there is so many animals. Guinea pigs, dogs, birds, fish and way more. I love animals and I’ve always wanted a pet and now i’m finally getting one! I am definitely getting a dog because they are so cute, fun, playful and loyal. The dog is a present from my mom because my parents are getting divorced.                                                                            I walk through the glass doors and go straight to the back where the dogs are. A lady behind the counter opens the door and I walk in. So many dogs are running, chasing tails and sleeping. Almost every breed of dogs are in front of me and I can choose anyone of them. How will I be able to make a choice? But when I see the furry husky puppy run over to smell me I know that its the one.                                                                                                      “That ones a German shepherd lab. Shes only one month old.” I nod to the lady to tell her she’s the one. She was kind of squirming when I picked her up but seemed to calm down after I rolled down the window and she stuck her head out.                                                         “I’m gonna call her Blitz mom.” I turn to Blitz, “That’s right your Blitz!” When we get home, the second I open the pickup truck door she’s out and running into the forest. I chase her as fast as I can because I know that If I don’t there’s a very likely chance she won’t be coming back. I’m so close to her. How could a creature with such tiny legs run that fast? Or maybe I’m just really slow, but it doesn’t matter. Were farther than I have ever been in the forest. I almost grab her but I trip over a stone path making a nasty cut on my shin and sending me into darkness.

Remember to comment! Lets see how many endings I can get and see how different they are. Be sure to share your thoughts and ideas.

Week #4: My World

For week four in the student blogging challenge I chose activity seven: where I would love to go and why. I would go to Jamaica because It’s a beautiful island full of adventure. There’s so many beaches and there’s pom trees which I have always wanted to climb. I could try new foods and see cool plants.i would want to go snorkelling to see the reefs and fish. The resorts would be awesome to stay in. I could swim all the time. My friend went and she jumped off a cliff which is something I would definitely want to do. That is why I would want to go to Jamaica.

Week #3: Free Choice

For week 3 in the student blogging challenge it’s free choice. This mean I can write about whatever I want and I’m choosing to write about my trip to New York that was on September 18th-20th 2016. It was an early birthday present for me and my friend Aly. It was the best trip I had ever been on. We went to Windsor and stayed in a casino hotel for about four hours and I got hardly any sleep because I was so excited. Then we took the flight to New York at 6:00am. On the plain i sat next to my mom. It was my first time on a plain and it was absolutely amazing other than ears popping. The sun was just rising so it was like a rainbow when we flew over the clouds. We took a bus and got directions from a lady with purple hair to the train station. The train was over crowded at some points but the hotel we were going to was in time square. We got our tickets for a bus tour and got some great pictures of buildings. We were going to go to the Empire State Building, but we got off in the wrong spot and had to walk there. We ended up not even going up because we decided to wait until night. We went to the Lego store which was amazing because there were so many creative builds. So we got back on the tour bus and went to China Town and went into Little Italy where I won a rainbow hat. Then we got back bus and went to the hotel because everyone was hot and tired. After that we were gonna go out for supper and we ended going to the Hershey’s store and the M & M’s store and we want to Rockefeller Plassa and Raido City Music Hall. We walked to Centeral Station which had amazing carvings in the roof. We talked to the guy that worked there and he told us all about it. Then we walked to the public library but it was closed so me and Aly climbed on the lion statues and took pictures. Finally we went to the Empire State Building. We could see the whole city lit up. It was really beautiful and we could see the Statue Of Liberty and we never did get supper so we went back to the hotel and ordered pizza. I got sick because I had so much junk that day. The next day we took the bus down the     Ground Zero and we walked down to Battery park and we got on the water taxi and went by Brooklyn bridge and cruised by the Statue Of Liberty. After that we rented bikes to go through Central Park and we saw boat races by a small statue of Allice in Wonderland that we were aloud to climb on. We saw a golden statue and got icecream. I saw Muslims that I thought were ninjas. We never got to go to the zoo because it was closing. We took our bikes back and went to an amazing restaurant where I got a giant bacon sandwich with a pound of bacon on it. Then we went back to the hotel and slept for a few hours and flew home. I was sad when the trip ended, but it had been the best trip ever.